Thursday, 28 October 2010

MOVING BUT GROOVING, I spent alot of money on hair, makeup and clothes, the rest I wasted

Considering I am moving, or trying to, I am in a good mood.  I am surprised at this.  It has been a week of exhausting and very trying moments and yet most of the time I feel miraculously happy.  My new house is slowly coming together, and although it seems fit for a 28 year old American banker, thanks to the architects, Mark Guard. My good friend and true loyal helper, Nicky Haslam  and his assistant Ethan continue to fight for its character.  Nicky announced this week that it was the most romantic house in Chelsea.  I hope so.  Also I have to thank a few other true pals, Mark Brazier Jones who today brought all the standard lights he could find so that I would have some light in my bedroom.  The Cadogan Estate do not like down lighters and the architects left so few plugs for anything useful that I have no idea how we should light the room, but Mark and his girlfriend Julia clubbed together and  were fabulous, and even customised some lamps especially for me. The problem is men just don't understand me, the only thing I wish to spend money on is my hair, makeup, and clothes, everything else is a waste.
Other pals are my two friends Russell and Alistair from the building company Stone and Silk, who stopped me from going into a looney bin this week as I discovered that I would not be seeing my beautiful flesh in anything other than daylight....Probably a good thing, but nevertheless it is always good to check and keep things are up to scratch, and I do have to weigh myself every few minutes.
Then my brain is swimming from all the films I have seen and it goes like this
Kings Speech]Joint number one
Hannah Rothschild's documentary on Peter Mandelson 2
I can't do a number three because that would be rude.
Anyway am off to the final night of the London Film Festival for Danny Boyles film 127.

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