Sunday, 3 October 2010


It was a relief to whip round to Michel Klein's new atelier at 9 Rue Jacob.  A relief to see someone who has gone through so much fight back again, and look happier that ever before.  For me his clothes are chic stylish and comfortable.  He designs with flare and imagination.  Wrap around skirts with contrasting fabric inside and lovely black wool dresses.  My favourite is his mini cape in leather. Totally divine.
He has also a small handbag like a poodle, adorable and a must have.
His new collection was equally well cut for 2011, and I looked at it with pleasure and in my own time as the rails were set at the back of the store so you could browse with ease.
I then went to my house and met my good friend Roseanne de Pampelone who is making some new curtains for me. I was in a very black mood two years ago when I decorated my bedroom entirely in black,  now I feel lighter I desire cream satin.
This evening I dived into the  Costes for an intimate dinner with Jean Louis Sebagh and Snowden Hill.  It was so social that I was rushed off my feet.

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