Friday, 22 October 2010

THE KINGS SPEECH a huge success for film making in England

Went to The Kings Speech premiere last night sponsored by American Express. Thank goodness it was a happy tale of royalty, love, bravery, and laughter topped off with a stunning score by the award winning prolific composer Alexandre Desplat  he has done so many scores that he has little time I should think for anything else.  In his own words "In the last two years, I've been called by more directors I’ve dreamed of working with — Stephen Frears, Roman Polanski, Terrence Malick, Wes Anderson, David Fincher. All these gentlemen are amazing artists. So what do you do?…Chris Weitz called me back after (our collaboration on) ‘Golden Compass,’ and said he’s got this ‘New Moon’ in the ‘Twilight’ series. I just want to say yes to all of these people. I work twice as much as I used to, but maybe I also work more quickly. I’ve improved". Then there were brilliant and realistic performances by Colin Firth as George V1 and Helena Bonham Carter  as the Queen Mother. Guy Pearce, Geoffrey Rush as Lionel the speech therapist, with a strong cast like this, it is definitely a BAFTA and hopefully Oscar winner.  The BFI London Film Festival, is a success again.  It was good to hear people speaking properly again.  Oh for that pure upper class accent, I am fed up with everything ending with 'init, guvnor' and a grunt or not understanding them at all.
I have been going for three years and it is more enjoyable every year. This time supported by American Express.  I would love a black card.  I am begging everyone to give me one.  They look so chic.  I hate any other colour as you know if you follow my postings, much classier than gold. Afterwards we went for drinks with Amanda Neville head cheese at the BFI 12 St James's, so groovy.

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