Thursday, 7 October 2010


This year I decided to go early to my friends exhibition at Selfridges, as last year all had sold by 7pm. Kay Saatchi chooses her art with panache, she once said to me only buy something if you are in love, and I have followed her advice ever since.
With her astute eye and love of  the contemporary, she has brought together some very talented people for her exhibition in Selfridges basement.
One piece I loved was by Lucy May, a gold orchid in bronze and gilt or was it a vagina, named aptly 'throat of venice'.?  Another was a film showing a woman in the kitchen in sexy gear sort of 1940's by Antonia Tibble, an ironing board, a pot, oh so pretty that I wanted them in my bedroom. named 'What is it that makes the home today so appealing'.
The lovely Hugo Wilson who has just finished City and Guilds, used to do fabulous portraits, now has done a tornedo in box, and three letter written to a dead friend, called 'not for you'.
To choose art is tricky but Kay manages to make her shows always unique.
Straight in front of you when you enter the space is  a 'Beggar with a cup'.
Then in corner hidden away are amazingly beautiful, touching paintings,  first you think how stunning and then you realise they are scenes are of torture in Iran by Anahita Rezvani-rad, who is now studying at Chelsea College of Art.  These are reflections of  childhood memories in Tehran.
Make time before the madness of next week art fairs,  after some shopping in the magnificent shoe floor, check out some new artists, where all the proceeds go to the artists themselves.

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