Sunday, 31 October 2010


This morning I woke up with the idea I am in love with Terence Koh's chandelier and his ideas on not speaking that he liked the idea of creativity that speech did not allow, eg poetry and new thought..
I also woke very early and started to read Jerry Hall's  " My Life in Pictures" I got as far page 57 to realise how interesting her life has been.  These two people have nothing to do with each other but you know how the mind flitters, black chandelier, Antonio Lopez drawings, red lipstick Jerry Hall, I am four years younger than Jerry but we are the same generation, yet we are not.  She was always sophisticated but she came  from an original Cinderella story.  You wonder how Jerry developed sophistication, but there was clearly elegance amongst the poverty. I noticed her mother in faded photographs had a great pair of legs and was very pretty. Her father was very handsome, but he was a bit of a no good who got damaged by war, eventually losing the family house in a poker game.  There is so much that you can learn from this book and I realised I had been living on a different planet. It is lucky to be born beautiful when  doors fling themselves open. Her life from Texas to Paris, to finding a job in a day in the South of France, working with Helmet Newton and befriending a brilliant illustrator Antonio Lopez, and putting on cabarets with Grace Jones. This has all happened before page 57....Imagine what happens by the end?  I can't wait to read.

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