Friday, 8 October 2010


There is not much real French fashion left, as most of the houses have other nationalities designing for them - and if you are into fashion you know this. But definitely the houses that like to show there are well known brands. The Italians are much more loyal and most of the people working for their fashion houses are Italians (except for Karl Largerfeld for Fendi).The British houses are pretty loyal to England with Vivienne Westwood, Jasper Conran and Stella McCartney working for their own brands.
Does it matter? I don't think so.  I have seen so many shows that my head is now swimming with ideas.  I had thought at the start of Fashion Week that it was no longer important to have shows, and when you get stuck with a huge bill with a car hire firm, you can feel that way.  The traffic is horrendous in every country and it is quite a put off.  The only problem is you have to see the shows. There is no way that and the others can really give a feeling for the whole thing unless you have been. All the major editors go to almost all the shows, and I congratulate them. It is a tiring and relentless job and certainly not glamorous, but well worth the wait in most cases. The editors apart from everything else have to meet advertisers, designers and heads of companies, and it is really a pretty trade convention.  It is about making money, lets face facts.
Anyway I have had enough and its time to tire myself out with the Art World, which is now more and more involved with fashion in any case. Tonight is no exception. Louis Vuitton is doing a dinner for the art crowd in the head office suite, London.

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