Wednesday, 6 October 2010


The annoying thing this morning is that I saw lots of Dita Von Teese, and as she danced at my party in Los Angeles two years ago, I would like to have taken some more photographs of her. She looked ravishing and was in the front row of Ellie Saab.  Of course the show was half an hour late I was about to get up and go, instead I waited and it was good that I did.  The dresses were fabulous, all for Hollywood and red carpet events, but they were beautifully cut and for those parties totally perfect. Chiffon in pale peach and blues, white flowing dresses too.  Lots of bead work, and they looked expensive with huge gold jewellery. Hot pants, shorts and jackets. Wow, you would make Hello in them.

I rushed home to change and get ready for the Louis Vuitton show. So glamorous, they sent me a car, a beautiful new Mercedes that I had never seen before. Lots of white leather and it smelt delicious.  I arrived a little late and managed to jump the security to catch the show through a pair of long legs 15foot by 12 foot.  It was probably his best show so I was very lucky. It was also on time. Lots of rich purples, shocking pinks, greens, and all the girls looked great, chinese jackets, clean skin and red lips. I was very lucky, I am so pleased that I got there in time.  The lovely Kathryn, from London's LV could not of been more welcoming or generous.

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