Wednesday, 20 October 2010


My best male  friend in the whole wide world is having a heart operation tomorrow.  He is braver than me. The only time I am having a knife near me is in the mortuary.  I hate hospitals, I hate doctors and feel they are mostly working as killing machines. Of course if I had appendicitis I would have to have it removed, so this is a little extreme.  I think like this, if I am to pay for a private health policy which all my friends do, why would the private health insurers keep us alive, especially as the payments are less than the operation.  Then on the National Health, you could die of almost any bug going.  Okay most doctors have good intentions, but I think they really think oh let's put them out of their misery, here are some more drugs.. blah blah.  I have therefore gone for alternative measures and try my luck at that, eg eating vegetables.  It is a long time since I have eaten meat, I definitely NLP'd myself to not eat it, and now see animals walking across my plate.
My lovely friend Dan Levine died a few days ago.  He was incredible.  A lovely character who truly lived life. He died young too young at  64.  I went to his Shiver. (Jewish prayers when somebody dies).
I met him with Charles Saatchi, 18 years ago, vital good looking and with a lovely wife, Ros.  He was creative and clever, well dressed and suave.  They felt like the 'clever people gang' and I tried to be a part of it. The gang could do everything, backgammon, go kart racing, tennis. Heaven knows what he did.  I remember he had a company that could send film by fax.  Anyway he was forward thinking and most of all kind.  I will miss his cheerful face that would have humour over everything.  He was the sort of person you didn't need to make an effort with because he was always able to understand  in any case. Good bye dear Dan.

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