Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Although I could hardly get out of bed, I threw some pearls round my neck and put on my highest heels to support some friends.  It was worth it.  If I had not I would have felt bad. I am a fan of Bryan Ferry who was playing at Phillips de Pury. He was showing some photographs that he had styled of Kate Moss looking ravishing, so I bought one of her smoking.  It will be the nearest I get to taking a puff and the thing about the cigarette is that you look so stunning do it, but with my lungs I can forget it.

I then went to the Ivy to see Jerry Hall who was doing a book signing "My life in pictures" .  It is lots of fun to see her rock and roll life with the clothes to match.  Tim Noble and Sue Webster were there, Tim hiding behind a chair trying to trip me up.  The Ivy was full of her adoring fans.

Then off to the secret party of Lucy Yeoman's who was celebrating her time at Harpers Bazaar.  She was applauded for her good works.

Back off for a whisky sour before bed, trying to keep flu at bay is a nightmare.  I hate alcohol but this has been a saviour.

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Bonnie said...

I always enjoy reading your fabulous posts! I hope you feel better soon. Bonnie :)