Sunday, 24 October 2010


I was so excited to be invited to the BFI London Film Festival premiere of  Darren Aronofsky's film Black Swan starring the beautiful Natalie Portman. It is a terrifying and sometimes supposedly brilliant story of a ballet dancer in Swan Lake. It has been a huge success with critics, and in Venice everybody raved about it.  Sometimes I am living on another planet. I was very disappointed.  I don't like negativity in any shape or form but there is a huge "but" and question mark.  Perhaps I am mad, as I left my assistant Alex called, sounding high with excitement, "wasn't it a brilliant film" she sang down the telephone.
So on a positive note, Natalie Portman was correctly cast as a talented dancer who fights to protect her ambition to be the best dancer, the only problem being is her inability to be the black swan, without giving the whole story away, does she succeed?  The unpredictable, and the films saving grace was Vincent Cassel, an  extremely sexy french actor, in that Parisian bolshy way that I find so exciting. With the twists and turns of the saga you feel that you are flying between eroticism and violence. Mila Kunis adds the sexuality  needed to keep us in our seats, or does she? Well it is for you to judge.
I never drink, but at The Vue cinema, the delicious Jameson whisky cocktail was offered, mixing Whisky with Ginger Ale and thank goodness I was a little tipsy, otherwise I would have died of heart failure.
Talking about hearts, my great pal Tim Willis, author of Nigel Dempster 's book,  looked well after his bypass, I was surprised to see him walking around and sitting up looking pink.  May be I take back what I feel about modern medicine. It was a labour of love visiting him though as it took one and half hours through parts of ugly London to check on my friend. Cheam is hideous, but the nurses of St Anthony's hospital looked kindly upon my eccentric friend's humour.

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