Tuesday, 21 September 2010


This morning I went to Todd Lynn's show at Somerset house. His simple wearable lines are a must in any wardrobe. Slim fitting suits with interesting shoulders. I loved the draped shiny metallic pieces. Very effective and imaginative.
As Vivienne Westwood suggested at her show, we should buy fewer and more expensive pieces. The world is in a terrible state and we should be creative with our wardrobes and make do. Vivienne went so far as suggesting we cut a hole in a cushion and use them like that. This is a bit extreme, but I see her point. There is a lot of wastage and a lot of talk on the block about sustainable clothes like Christopher Raeburn is making . Colourful raincoats out of parachutes and old clothing for men and women. With the waste he makes cuddly toy rabbits.

The most exciting thing about London Fashion Week is the new. It is in this area that England excels. There is so much to choose from and some new talent that should not be ignored. David Koma is one man whose designs I wanted to literally walk off with. Waisted, beautifully made, stunning shapes in Blacks, yellows and cream. They look great on everyone. Fannie Schiavoni's jewellery becomes an alluring armour, made out of Swarovski crystals they make the body and shoulder pieces come alive. She is recognised by the British Fashion Council and has admirers from the Scissor Sisters to Lady Gaga. Then there is the establishment, Steven Jones who has been making hats for years and is still cutting edge, as well as the incredible costume jewellery of Erickson and Beamon. There are so many new designers that you could go dizzy with their talent. Of course many will end up in huge houses like Givenchy, but let us hope that a few stay independent and keep the world of fashion alive with new thoughts and exciting catwalk shows. There was hidden away Mark Fast's collection of knitwear which I loved.I was not allowed to take a photograph but I did. Naughty.

P.S. Sarah Burton will now be in my wardrobe.

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