Wednesday, 22 September 2010


The problem with big houses is that they get swallowed up with politics and the design becomes the look of the house, not perhaps what the designer or creative director wants, in this case Christopher Bailey. This is a polished house, with polished goods and therefore highly commercial. I have no idea how well it does, but compared to the early days, the change is incredible. This was not its best season, or most interesting, but it will all sell because people want this. That is if they have not listened to Vivienne Westwood, and stopped shopping. Perhaps it should not have looked like every other season, but I suspect it is too big a house to do what you really want to do?, Everybody is so caught up in celebrity giving too much respect to it.
Actually you know the famous are like you and me.. they go to the bathroom, and I don't need to know who wears what. So you know my views, Sarah Jessica Parker looked better in McQueen, but I also have as many Burberry jackets.

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