Saturday, 18 September 2010


I have always loved shoes. Fantastic arguments used to happen around Sunday lunch at my grandparents over many things. The funniest was when my grandfather announced he had by mistake opened my grandmothers shoe bill. He apparently said he had been very foolish to do so, and next time he would remember to count her feet!
As a child I would clean mine the whole time so that they would look brand new, however there is nothing better than a new pair of shoes to make you feel taller, sexier, longer and leaner.
One of my favourite shoes designers is the delightful Bruno Frisoni, who is like a Cherry on the cake.
With Roger Vivier, a very well established French shoe house he makes dreams come true. RV in his lifetime made shoes for Queen Elizabeth's Coronation, The Beatles and for Ave Gardner. Famous for re-introducing the Stiletto shoe, what would we have done without him?. (Of course they were around in the 1800's, fetish shoes for courtesans). Roger experimented with pearls, satins, lace, and was one of the first to do thigh high boots in wool in the 1960's causing oodles of publicity and many other people to copy him. I am off to look for an original pair. In the meantime Bruno does amazing shoes in unusual fabrics with fantastic buckles. Beautiful unusual clutch bags, in fact I am after a red satin number.
Last night was incredible, Frisoni lifted the tone by supporting his friend Jeanne Marine sing some wonderful numbers. She definitely has the voice of a starling with enormous humour, smashing her ukulele and pulling its strings with her stiletto shoes. Jeanne was fabulous. Laduree an exotic tea house was a magical back drop for the evening. With guests like Princess Chantale of Hanover, Baroness von Bismarck, Allegra Hicks, Bob Geldof and some old rockers...and little Tiger wearing a wonderful jacket you can't go wrong.
This morning I am off to buy some shoes.

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