Saturday, 21 August 2010

Written several weeks ago.. An Ode to a Lover

what do they
on paper?
what do they
mean spoken?
I love them
I hate them
the silence in between
the pauses,
I am frightened of
peace in case
it reveals my tragedy
or my failure
to please you
or interest
the dark thoughts
behind your eyes
which do exist.
I have never loved
anyone as I have
loved you
with no ordinary
time together
it becomes
a magic that
increasingly is
more erotic
yet gentle too.
I am a
beautiful soul
yet have
failings that
could disturb
I know this
so push for nothing,
I am nobody
and so do not exist
I just love your
sweet smelling brain
disturbing me.
Words are jumbled
messy, no longer
the music
I loved but they
belong to my hysteria,
my viper like tongue
has never been seen
by you.

1 comment:

Vinnes said...

"Words mean nothing"- I hear it quite often. But why do people use that constatation - it is more like a statement of dissapointment; It is quite true that words mean nothing when they are said by a fool, but very powerful when said by the wise and honest ones.

Like your poems, you are like JG Ballard's poetic female counterpart. :-)