Saturday, 28 August 2010


Today I was nagged to get married again. Why is it that everybody who is trapped in dreadful marriages suggests that I should again wear handcuffs?. If I was brave enough to leave then I am brave enough to be on my own, with all its consequences.
I have lived too much kitchen sink drama and made a profession out of being difficult to again be with anybody except some Greek God. Now Zeus, thats a good idea..
Of course to share my life with somebody would be great, but, there is a huge BUT. I sleep happily with Bun Bun, whose ears are a delightful to play with. He doesn't have depression, he doesn't nag and he feels cosy enough, and he can't answer back.
I never thought I would say this, I had dreams of white dresses, red roses, the Pachabel Canon, confetti and Ave Maria. I am not some hating feminist. I love the male species, but why on earth would I put myself into the position of being hurt, left, beaten, bored and neglected again?.
I also like to wake up in the night read a book, read facebook, speak to some aliens, and play with dating sites in outer space, and you know they nag as well but at least I can pretend not to be awake.
I will pray to God that Zeus has room for one more woman..?

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