Sunday, 1 August 2010


I decided to come to Tuscany and stay with Lady Forte at her beautiful castle. We love to diet with Catherine Vanazzi from Brazil, we usually lose 2-4 kilos. That is when we don't have the temptations of Italian cuisine in every direction. Chef Fulvio was in residence reigning over the kitchen with a natural beauty. My son Charles was lucky enough to be allowed in to watch and learn from the great master himself.
Held in great esteem Fulvio is fascinating. I learnt a lot myself. I will look at the soul behind cooking rather than just the duty of it, and perhaps I can regain liking peeling and boiling.
At the age of 18 I was sent to finishing school at Winkfield Place, a Courdon Bleu, Contance Spry school, that no longer exists. We learnt upholstery, flower arranging, dancing and cooking. At the time it was considered to be good. Indeed I learnt a lot, but was the only one to fail. I also gained 60 pounds which took me three years to lose.
When I was growing up my Mother and Grandmother were incredible cooks so I had little need to join in, instead I used to clear up after them, so my skills in this area always need refining.

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