Sunday, 15 August 2010


A friend of mine is determined to stop smoking and today is the first day of his life. A beautiful day, a sunny day, free of the horrors of inhaling nicotine. Nicotine is deadly if injected into the veins. His lungs will have particles of a new life. I am told I have to be positive. I am told that by the time my friend has read Allen Carr's book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", he will be free from what he thought he was addicted to..
The only time I thought smoking was glamorous was in the 1940's, the smokey black and white films with beautiful women exhaling against shadows in some dusky nightclub in a seedy part of town.
Talking about nightclubs, I find people excited inhabiting VIP areas sort of repulsive. You know the type: fat, balding, very very rich and somewhere between thirty and death, who only like mixing with the so called elite and famous. Rather sad. I thought they had The Amazonian Rain Forests to protect, the National debt to sort out, and I wonder where their families are? There is so much more to life than hanging with these rather bloated individuals. As for the famous, why on earth would they want to be with them? I find the black bouncers, who protect them from "us" more attractive, as long as they don't smoke.


Jane said...

I gave up my pack a day habit 10 years ago reading that book. I recommend it to everyone.

VIP areas. Ha! I so agree. Fat balding and rich. There are certainly better things to do and more interesting people to talk to. xoxo

Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Well our friend is giving up smoking just as I am giving up sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, and all animals (even the dating kind). Good luck to us both.