Sunday, 22 August 2010


I am not grumbling but sometimes wish to throw cream mille feuilles at people who are pleased with themselves and who deliberately ignore you, although they have met you hundreds of times before. It's a problem in England, there is an unseen hierachy of touchy individuals who are either too shy or too rude to include you. I have this problem. I just asked a friend why I couldn't get a job in England? He said well they think you are too rich. So you see I have to travel half way round the world to find work and be given a chance.
Closer to home Martine at Assouline in Paris seriously helped me and so did Franca Sozzani in Italy, asked me to put together a book called British Artists at Work. What I would like to know is why just because I am cashed-up, well dressed and coiffed, is it so difficult on my doorstep? It would be so much easier if I could work as a Fashion Editor here in London, but no it took Stephen Kamafuji to give me an opportunity to work for Genlux as their Fashion Editor. Money is not the problem, just the break to have an interesting life. Oh well, I can't grumble, Los Angeles has many other things that the rest of the world would die to have and I hope one of them is me..xx

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

YES! You are one of LA's treasures when you are in town. xo