Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I have just been asked on Facebook by Kate Spicer whether to have slept with 50 men is too much, and she justifies it by saying that by the age of 41 that is two a year. I think it's stinky.. I am a great fan of Miss Spicer's writing, I love her articles her witty contributions, but her morals and cleanliness need to be re thought out. Unfortunately with the onslaught of the internet, dating sites, newspaper ads, lonely hearts columns, and sexual fantasies which people need to live out, with a higher divorce rate, sex with no commitment, sex that does not involve passion. I say bring back the old days.
I am no prude, I am a believer that you must do what you have to do, but to sleep with so many people, and share all their sexual history is not for me, and quite puts me off.
I find most people attractive but do I need to sleep with them, and share all the feelings I have with them. The answer is no, leave that to the men. I like to be private. I personally feel that the women on this planet still have to keep up appearances of not being sluts.
If Kate thinks I am outrageous, well so is she by putting her question on Facebook. It does have to be addressed, though. I think that when women originally wanted sexual freedom, and to be equal to men, they really meant that. Making love is more interesting than sex, making love with someone you really care about.
I am a woman who left her husband for a man I loved, and then left him, so I am by no means perfect, but I do believe in real feelings, whatever they are. I have to date at the grand age of 50 slept with six men, two of whom I married, and I think that is too much. Let the men be sluts. We women should have standards.


Vinnes said...

Awww copulating like little rabbits... I wish them STD free lives.

Jo said...

some of us boys have the standard ,. as well , manda. XX00

Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Too right, and I intend to continue pleading the 5th.

Mission to Lars said...

given the illustration that goes with your post, i'd say different horses, different courses amanda. nature and nurture creates different people of all of us and i judge no one sexual morals by anything but their general love of life, people and of themselves.

Zoe Moon Astrology said...

in my spiritual studies i learned that once intimate with another, you carry part of their energetic within your aura for 3 years, i do believe one should follow their own standard for this kind of thing but personally i am with you on this one amanda, hold out for someone special :)