Thursday, 19 August 2010


I can't wear jeans, I really hate trousers on me, and I do not have the bottom that would make men swoon. That pert tight thing that never escapes stares and stops traffic, especially when there is long hair swishing around the waist. There I have said it and admitted it. I wish I did for their sake. Poor men who have to look at a teddy bear instead. I don't know what to do? I love mini skirts and certainly will carry on wearing them however stupidly until my dying day. When I was thirty I did lipo suction in order to wear trousers, but when I look back its a dreary look. I shall leave jeans to the people who look good in them and feel comfortable. They make me trapped and miserable.

When I look back I had the look of a Marbella blond, too much straight hair and lips and a trying too hard to be skinny, when I am not naturally, so I had that rather sad look.

Truly I feel best as a round Marilyn, with reasonable legs as long as I feel free and do a little yoga or pilates. So you girls out there who hate trousers stand up and stick up for me. Of course there are a few awkward moments, for instance a few weeks ago when I went rowing in a mini, or at school sports day. I am who I am so please accept it, and be sweet to your adoring Teddy Bear.

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