Saturday, 7 August 2010


I had a weird dream last night, but truly exciting. The whole of the British Nation were called up to fight against the Middle East. My Mother who is brave went ahead as did my youngest Son, who stole the passport of the eldest son. I was off course dithering, and in the end worked out an excuse. I agreed to fill the ship that was leaving from the Norfolk broads with goodies. Whilst carrying bags from Tescos I saw an Arab woman take photographs of the soldiers, she then immediately got shot.. I woke up with my heart was beating. Hell's bells, where the hell had all of this come from?

Yesterday I had the idea of going to Mecca, I wanted to understand the Muslim faith, and as I was looking I realised that I would have to convert to their faith in order to get in. How irritating. I just wanted to understand everything.

In the meantime London Streets feel empty. It's mid summer and I have to stay here to whip my builders into shape. Any chance for an extra cup of tea and they skip off. I have decided to have a jewelled garden, I want the stones to be the same colours as the flowers. Topiary trees are out, I am going the have a garden that requires weeding.

Now back to my dream. I was worrying all night why we should waste money transporting soldiers to the Middle East when we could have the war on our door step?

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