Friday, 27 August 2010

PISSING RAIN OR THE CAT? Which would you rather?

A very drizzly and depressing week in London where I am wearing Winter clothes and trying to find a reason for living. A friend of mines lies next door looking at the ceiling and it feels like April. I came back to London to blackmail my builders into doing some work. I am fed up of renting and not finding my clothes. My eldest son said last week how annoying it was that I had got divorced because he couldn't find anything, that is how I am feeling too. Walking up seven flights of stairs is proving a nightmare too with the amount of travelling I like to do. Please god I can entertain all of you very soon with my ideas of decoration instead.
I am also deciding what colour my tennis court should be in Los Angeles. Oh the problems of the lucky. It all sounds so ridiculous when thousands of people are dying in Pakistan and a cat is put into a dustbin. I watched the film of the woman putting it into the wheelie.. she looks so ordinary, like a school teacher, frightening. You would think from her face that she should be home making scones or teaching someone the piano.
No my life is incredible, I thank my lucky stars that I can go on the swings in Hyde Park and that I only have to worry where my favourite dressing gown is, and whether the builders keep to their budget. Why doesn't my friend next door see that?. Well he's stopped smoking and is ready for a heart bypass. He should be cheerful?

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