Monday, 19 July 2010

"I SHALL SQEAM AND SQEAM Until I AM SICK" Violet Elizabeth Bott

One thing I hate in life are people who pretend to be good when they totally are not. The most shocking thing sent to me this week was Mel Gibson's telephone conversation with Oksana Grigorieva who was pretending to be snow white, and totally innocent. I am with you big time Mel, I would have taken a potted plant to her pretty oleaginous face, and enjoyed screaming obsenities at her. The minute she taped him she was odious in my eyes and he a rising star. It is easy to make people behave badly and Oksana with her ghastly sweetness obviously made Mel into a raging bull. Of course he was vile shouting nonsense describing how her girlfriend wanted to blow him.
I was thinking of removing my blogs on the greedy Yanky doodle dandy, that is if he pays me, which he does not think he needs to.. Okay baby cakes.. you are not innocent, facts are facts, during an ill fated holiday, you made me pay all the bills... Oh I forget you bought a salad.. big deal.. If he doesn't pay, my friend Mel will give me a few pointers.
As for the true friends in my life Tim Willis and Nicky Haslam, they would never treat me with such disregard, Take take take is so yesterday and so so common...

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