Monday, 19 July 2010



vinnes said...

You were hitting your woman with the child in her hands, what kind of man is that hitting a woman when she's holding a child in her hand breaking her teeth twice, in the face, what kind of man is that. And he replies - "You fucking deserved it"

Okay. The woman, which may be sleazy little golddigger, whore, whatever she may be, no woman ever deserves to be beaten or talked to in that way. For Any woman to be able to justify his behaviour is sickening. Yes he's is crazy, but until he is certified he is still responsible for his actions.

People can be such a little vultures feeding on this, thrilled and feeding on emotions, misery, madness etc.



Vinnes, I would like to hear what she had done..

vinnes said...

Amanda, this guy is overly sensitive yes I bet it can gain sympathy, I do understand it, and many can identify with that. Doesn't even matter that the guy have had pretty much tricky temper and judging generalizing mindset as I read about it (I don't believe the press much though).

But narcissist, when facing the coldness and calculating behaviour with the feeling of rejection - goes crazy. Whatever the woman does, not wanting to have sex, divorcing, sleeping with others, squeezing money, taping calls, acting like 'a slut'... that can not justify this amount of threats, derogation and humiliating the mother of his child, to solve the problem punching in the head, using physical and verbal abuse.

There is a lack of consciousness, responsibility and humaneness, not only in this example. It is plain wrong to simply look at everything black and white, to point a finger and say: "You! are the cause for all my troubles".

They both need help. Lots of evils and suffering are done in such an affectionate and abusive manner. I would never punch the woman or mother of my child to solve something, I would rather hit myself. We need more kind world, more coldheaded and more understanding. Violence leads nowhere.