Thursday, 1 July 2010


I have loved elephants all my life. They are stunning, beautiful creatures that are hungry and need plenty of land to roam around in. But human beings are making it impossible for them to survive. At a party last night, Mark Shand said that Asian elephants would be extinct soon if we don't protect their migratory paths, making it safe to move between protected forests. This would stop them from in-breeding and would keep them healthy. These elegant beasts, who return to visit dead parents, and look after the blind and unhealthy in their families, are running out of time.
With Elephant Family support from Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Goldie Hawn, the Duchess of York and Rula Lenska, there is a team that are trying to turn this around. Beautiful painted elephants were seen throughout London for the last few weeks - adopted by Selfridges, Scotts, Georges, Harry's Bar, Parks and more - and they added so much joy to our streets, decorated and sculpted by the likes of Matthew Williamson, Nicky Haslam, Alice Temperley, Marc Quinn, Jonathan Yeo, Jitish Kallat and Sir Paul Smith. The Royal Hospital Gardens were overflowing with happy people as we walked round looking at them, now herded together.
The elephant has a gentle giant charm. Luckily, in the auction, I bid and managed to buy Marc Quinn's white one.

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