Thursday, 29 July 2010


It's the middle of the night somewhere in Tuscany and I am living one of my most favourite fantasies and sleeping in a Tower. I have always wanted to do this. As a child I am in heaven. I look out and see the sea, and can tell the mood of elements. Something mesmerising and exciting looking down and seeing everything. I am staying somewhere near Livarno, I am not sure it's a truly attractive town but here on this ravishing estate I feel a very lucky girl. I love Italy, there is an optimism in every step. I am now dreaming of owning a Castle on top of a hill. All I need is a handsome Prince to come and rescue me.
I have been dieting again, it drives me crazy and am about to give up and throw out the scales, only I have just a bit too much vanity to do that just yet. I like feeling slim, there seems no magic cure other than to shut those lips. In fact I think everything requires that, there is always too much gossip on a Summer holiday. In front of me now are 3 pairs of scales all weighing me different weights..
I have sold my wonderful house in Eden Place, Beverly Hills, I just need something small and compact. Los Angeles is very far away and although alluring, England and France have something that Hollywood can only dream about. Also the other way round too. I just love London and Paris, my friends, the galleries, the museums, the fashion.
As its only a few stops to this Tower, I think Europe is becoming quickly very appealing, and I shall await to be rescued by an Italian Prince. Ha ha x

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

I'm sure you won't wait long your royal hotness, but I'm hoping he has a brother that he visits often in Los Angeles.