Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Some time ago I had the novelty of meeting a creature, it was a man, but I think his week end pursuits may entail strange activities, which actually I don't want to know the details of. Was it an alter ego or was he just two faced, he clearly had double standards. Some facets of a certain individual should only be kept in the boot of his car and certainly nowhere in my house. I am fully accepting of everybody's foibles but when somebody asks me to do things with a contents of a plastic bag, I don't even want to see the bag, unless it contains the money they owe me. I don't want to say his real name, so let's call him Stephen. He was from what he insisted was a good family. Strange, as with him eating was some thing you did quickly, and with your hands. (obviously down on the farm he thought cutlery was jewellery).
Now I am a worldly woman and I have luckily experienced many pleasures in life. Even with my fortunate life, which I am very grateful for, some things can not be touched with the fingers, they can only be felt with the heart. I obviously did not pierce the skin and turn it inside and out and open the book on the right page. What was displayed was a handsome man then became a flimsy veil of disguise, wriggling about the floor pointing at invisible ghouls. Not all that glitters is gold. It was interesting to meet someone who was more superficial than myself. He assumed he was more captivating than he was, I have seen cleaning ladies with more charisma.
For you deep thinking November babies, deep does not mean depth and some people can just light up the room by leaving it, and may be I shall only learn by bitter bitter experience.

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