Sunday, 27 June 2010


" Where do you go to in life when you leave school having walked down the road with a cane, tails and a top hat"? my friend Tim Willis said to me the other day. Today was the Leavers Concert at Harrow School, and boys departing next week will all be thinking two thoughts, yipee we are out of school, and help what do we do next?. They should worry a little as the world outside is not easy but tonight they should be pleased with the funny brilliant show they put on. With energy and character I wish them all well. Although Charles is my son, I have to say I loved the performance of the Cat Duet by Rossini he and Ben Kinsella put on. I was amazed they had time to practise as exams were in the forefront of their brains not this medley of music. Accompanied by Dominic Wong a brilliant young pianist from Hong Kong they steamed ahead giving us strong performances of Mozart, Brahms, Bellini and Bazzini. Well done all of you and good luck. Really good luck to Charles my son, who has been accepted into the music academy called Mannes, in New York.

Cry me a river sung by Elliot Smith
The Joker Trombone played by Gareth Thomas
Bellini duet sung by Charles Eliasch and Adam Urosevic
Bazzini played by Darryl Tse on the Violin
Cat Duet sung by Charles Eliasch and Ben Kinsella
Anton Thompson- McCormick
Brahms and Mozart Piano Duet played by Dominic Wong and David Woodcock
The Leavers Glee singing Rossini

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