Sunday, 13 June 2010

RULE BRITANNIA,, you know you can get a good night out, in whatever field of interest.

Last night I was so looking forward to seeing The Pearl Fishers by Bizet. I have never seen it before but I love the great aria and the duet. The English National Opera was packed and it was the World Cup, so there is still a lot of high brow culture in Britain that goes unsung. Such a beautiful theatre in Covent Garden, I wonder why no one talks about it all the time. This new production of the Pearl Fishers by Bizet started off so beautifully that the audience was hushed by the sheer magic of the set. Without giving the game away, the artistic director John Berry and set designer Dick Bird need to be applauded. In fact It is the most beautiful set I have ever seen. True to the image of pearl fishing, the story includes priests, superstition, an obligatory love story and the boat people with their houses on the water's edge, were all stunningly depicted. This production has to be seen, so beg or borrow a ticket, even if you hate opera because this one might help you enjoy it and start a passion for life.
What a week it has been. I enjoyed the most incredible dinner at Lancaster House, a beautiful hidden monument in London, here we were treated to precious wines from The Chateau Haut-Brion. Although not a lush, small sips of these aged wines could not be missed. I don't know why I actually agreed to go, but Gillian from Purple PR has a talent for mixing people together to make truly memorable evenings. There was an electric mix of people from Andrew Lloyd Webber to the furniture designer Mark Newson to a Colonel in the Army about to go the war to Kinder the wonderful dress designer. I was of course dressed not for this but for Robin Birley's party to show us his new club in Soho. Good luck to him - next to the Curzon Cinema there will be a chic chic club where we can all meet. Bohemian and savvy. We know we will get good grub and witty conversation from the Birley Family.
Well all is better under the safety of a British flag, I am happy to spend a few moments in the company I understand best.

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