Wednesday, 23 June 2010

KEEP YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (If you want to be loved)

I am a great enthusiast of making yourself look as pretty as possible - and for goodness sake, why should I have to look dreadful in these days of hormones, Botox and filler, facelifts and hair dye, thigh lifts and cheap beautiful clothes? The problem is, everything should be done in moderation and with careful consideration. Heaven knows what I would all look like without hair dye. Women take this so for granted that 74 year-olds have luxurious black locks that they have inherited from some Italian grandmother.
But what about when it becomes improbable? It's a fine art, getting the balance between teenager and old bag. I love wearing shorts, and always have but at what age do they start looking ridiculous?.
I thought I looked good the other night until I stepped into a taxi as asked the driver "Do I look all right?" He replied with a long winded story about a 16 year old crossing the road and ended with "I mean love, you won't stop any traffic." I peered in the mirror and thought, "Actually that's rather good." Then I studied the taxi driver. He was overweight, sweaty, ugly and by his side had a book of The Secrets", which obviously he had yet to read. "What comes around goes around," I thought.
I arrived a little shy to dinner at a beautiful house, with chic and funky decoration near Hyde Park. All the woman were well dressed and looking up to the mark in the world's greatest designers. Although we are all women of uncertain age, that was the good thing: age now looks uncertain. There is nobody really overweight in the grander parts of London. All of us look spick and span and try our best. Maybe society has always been like that, but all I know is that Joan Collins is sprightly fit and glamorous and there are many others following suite. Just don't overdo anything. So here are my rules:

1. No big lips,
2. No huge fake bosoms,
3. One facelift well done, when the neck goes, get rid of the chicken skin
4. Be careful with filler it can transform you into a marshmallow, so not too much.
5. Remember to fill your brain with words, music, romance and flowers and all should fine.
6. Everything shows through the eyes so not too work much there.
7. Botox is amazing when used well.
8. Hormones are good but should be carefully administered
9. Don't become obsessed. This is not an area to dabble in and nag plastic surgeons. You will start to look a clown.
10. Find your character and enjoy her.
11. Take up tango lessons, move your body, in whatever direction you can stand
12. Enjoy the faults in your face because that is usually what is attractive to others.
13. If you are fat, but look good, be realistic and just be healthy. To diet all the time is a bore. We are all built differently and a few suit it. Keep and eye on your weight and try to stay the same. Remember what weight you were at 18.
14. Be Brave most people are insecure and don't want to be different, but you choose. Don't worry what people say, they always say.