Friday, 23 April 2010

OSCAR WILDE SAID "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result"

I do like my friends being successful, it makes me feel that I am a bit more intelligent and creative than I am. It's as if a bit of their shiny glow lands on me, and colours me yellow. Zeta Graff has been my good friend for many years and during this time she has succeeded in changing my views over the diamond which is a miracle. She used to test me over the telephone," which diamond is better?" she would say, I would drive her mad by not having a clue, I used to not like jewellery at all. I am still wary of its extravagance but I remember Laurance Graff her ex father in law saying to me once " You should change that ameythst for a diamond." and I have thought about his words ever since.

The sun shines and we now find ourselves happily together in Los Angeles, we both have homes here, and not surprisingly she has become a genius with them. Obviously from her background married to Francois Graff for years gave her insight to crafting and creating a good piece. Hers however are different from the more established Graff diamonds. They are affordable, contemporary and easy to wear. The circular black and white diamonds look good for any occasion.

All Zeta's jewels are made in the United States from certified conflict free diamonds. That in itself makes me want to buy them from her. After seeing Blood Diamond, it is a relief to know that someone isn't being killed to get a ring on a finger.

Zeta is a great believer in Karma and what goes around comes around. The pieces have already been photographed on Meg Ryan, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Love Hewitt and so true to form Zeta is ahead of the game.

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