Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I still love Los Angeles, and I am happy to be going out. Last night was the start of Brit Week at The British Consulate in Los Angeles and I bumped into the dapper and glamorous George Blodwell. Since I have arrived in Beverly Hills and joined Chemistry.Com I have met some delicious people but all have one thing in common they have are a little too relaxed. I really don't like sloppiness of the modern age, sweat pants just don't do it for me or bad shoes, I am terribly British. I am however quite willing to guide them, but it is embarrassing to patronise men when you want them to seduce you. I hand over the job to Georgie and you should be grateful all you men out there. George has dressed the stars of Hollywood from Sir Ben Kingsley, Piers Brosnan, Billy Bob Thornton, Forest Whitaker, Matt Damon, Liam Neeson and Michael Douglas, among many. His knowledge speaks for itself, he last night was the only one who looked at all attractive. Either the men in this town try too hard or they don't try at all. I have just been warned by my friend not to be too tough as the men's characters in this town are world class and the ones I have met, real sweet hearts. There are so many talented people in this town, they may be not all famous, and who cares about this thing, but they are interesting, kind and hard working. I never have a dull day. Contact
( So you know I like men usually in the same clothes, A white crisp shirt from Fred Segals, black jeans preferably skinny, and a black jacket from Comme de Garcons or Victor and Rolf, and good clean shoes)
George's ideas are tailored to your needs.

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