Monday, 8 March 2010


I love the Oscars, as a child I loved them and in fact I like all award ceremonies, which is funny as I have never won a prize in my life. I just like people being rewarded for talents, I think it is a school thing.
It is funny I realise six parties have become one, a blurred happiness of hello darlings. Now I like this, but feel rather sorry for the people who have given them because it takes some concentration to remember everything. It was fun being included, and Nicky Haslam was adorable taking me around like some young debutante who had never been out before. He introduced me to the aristocracy of Hollywood, and I just remember their hair.. I look at people's hair all the time.. I am very fussy even with my own. I can't believe how unimaginative stylists and people are with their locks and make up.. I like to change from character to character in my own play. I am an actress in my own life and have so many different personality's.

Looking back at the clothes this week there were only about three dresses I liked and none I would have liked on me.. Some of these dresses would never see the light of day in London. The wearers should know that it is a good idea to take a picture of every angle before they go out. Sarah Jessica Parkers couture dress from Chanel was cute from the front, it made her look a trifle pregnant but was the most imaginative dress there. It was a pretty colour, nice details but made her bottom big, and didn't suit her. She also looked uncomfortable and unhappy. Perhaps she was. The other problem is for an award ceremony you need something that won't crease. It needs to look good and stay the same throughout the evening. Unfortunately plainer dressers do this and that is why Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta looked one of the best. Her hair was sophisticated and quite austere, but had glamour from another time. On the other side of the world Beth Ditto was wearing a dress that is fine for fun, if that is what it is? People seem to pull girls out of a hat for a joke, I think personally the dress is a disaster, or have I lost my humour? You wouldn't catch me wearing it..

At the parties everybody was quite scruffy not knowing what to wear as it was pouring with rain and freezing cold. I wore my long black dress from Victoria Beckham's line and a long Chanel coat to Barry Diller's.. Victoria didn't recognise them, as when I went up to her, I was dismissed, little does she know that I have at least ten of her things of hers in my wardrobe.

On another note I saw that Amanda Knox may be freed, that the guy jailed with her said she didn't kill Meredith.. well he could of said this before, and that it was somebody else that the police didn't know yet.. YA YA YA. Meanwhile an innocent girl and her boyfriend sit in jail like dust on top of a wardrobe.

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