Thursday, 11 March 2010


Some accents I love and some English words too. When I was young I remember a friend of my Nanny calling her husband "Pet" a form of endearment from the north of England. I used to copy her behind her back screaming "PEEEEETTTT" and now I have a passion for using it myself. I also like "pets" in my life.
I realise I have become a veterinary clinic for abandoned humans. Most "pets" are taken for a walks each day and fed food out of brown sacks,but my human pets are special, they get their diet controlled treats from Catherine Vanazzi and are well dressed in black snakey Naked and Famous jeans from Fred Seagal's on Melrose, that is if I can get my hands on them, because they walk out of the shop.
These "pets" are kind and in return, look after me very well too. They cover all aspects of the arts, writing, music, theatre and cinema. I could not move without them. They can often be seen licking their wounds in the basket by the fire.. needing lots of brushing and cosmetic enhancements and occasionally they want their tummy tickled, I hasten to add not by me. In return for happy conversations they are well loved. If you wish to be a "pet" send me your photograph and may be you too can be treated for loneliness.
No seriously this was my idea at the beginning of the week. I had if you remember joined several dating sites to prove to my girlfriends that there are lovely men everywhere and this it did, was the most efficient in California. I have now met five suitors and although none of them will be marrying me they have become good friends, we all need good friends. What I find they ask me to do is change their clothes and get them a haircut and can meet the women of their dreams. So I have gone shopping to improve their natural style. It has been lots of fun, for these neglected souls.

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