Sunday, 7 March 2010


The love of clothes follows me everyday, but I have always been envious of those that look good in a long dress. It seems to be another world that I try to avoid having to join and wear at all costs. They just simply don't make me feel good, beautiful or glamorous. Like clothes for Ascot, I feel I run away from events that require them. Tonight I like to happily lie in bed and just watch the simply beautiful puff ball fantasies pass by and know that I will avoid any occasions that I need to wear them. I love parties I love having a good time, but I sigh with relief that I am unlikely to ever win an Oscar and have to say an acceptance speach. Congratulations go to Carey Mulligan, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Milley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parks and Amanda Seyfried for pulling it off, their stylists too should be congratulated... There were also pieces of jewellery and a hair piece in Demi Moore's that I could die for and probably the only thing I could wear..

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