Sunday, 28 March 2010


I have now been away from England for about a month, and I am not missing it. There is nothing like sunshine first thing in the morning and waking to birds singing. I have dieted, I have laughed, and I have cried. There is so much that I have done wrong in life that I can only smile at myself for being very human. I wish I had learnt to say NO at a very young age politely. It is very tricky doing this the right way. No person likes being told that they are wrong. As for happiness, I think we search for it a little too much and it only exists in very small moments. Watching my son walk at 7 months, seeing him born, falling in love on a train, things like that, tiny morsels of happiness like dust from the moon.
So for me Happiness is the following
My first cup of coffee in the morning
weighing myself first thing in the morning and I am thinner
having my hair done
and make up
I look so much better
giving a friend a present that they want
taking some flowers to an elderly friend
listening to classical music
making love with someone I care about
going to the Theatre
finishing my play
Eating at Soho House in Los Angeles
trying on clothes
hearing a piece of music newly written
hearing my son sing
having a bath
well six a day
meeting with friends
writing a poem
playing Farmville
searching for furniture on First Dibs

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