Friday, 5 March 2010


I am now in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills at my house which I like the most. It has the right structure and light and automatically puts me in a good mood. I am no longer able to live in a room 10ft by 10ft however camp. 11 Cadogan Gardens was a charming lovely experience, but it felt like I was living in an over the top trifle.

I am very fortunate this week to have the very dapper Nicky Haslam staying with me, he is this afternoon doing his book launch here at Book Soup, between making everything sparkly and exceptional. All the parties we go to together are more fun and he has the ability to make everybody love him.. It has been a wonderful couple of days. Thank goodness that there are some amazing people in this world who are alive and not cynical.

So it is again Oscar time, and it makes me nag the hairdresser, I want to look like an old fashioned Hollywood movie star.. I think it is so much fun to play with curling irons, I love finger waves around my face and drive my very patient hairstylist Angela at Kimvo crazy with my new yet old ideas... Let's bring back glamour.. where is it, between stretch leggings and T shirts we all look a mess. Let's throw the whole lot out and wear corsets and nothing comfortable.. Confinement is fabulous, it stops me from eating and nags my gall stones.. No hell with comfortable... throw it out. Then I think I shall live with a make up artist, and have dark gloomy eyes, so even if I can't win an oscar I can look as if I am about to do an acceptance speech.
Fresh air and peace ahh, well there is no tranquility this week. The Oscars are within all the talented nominees grasp and Soho House is the talk of the town. Yesterday I went round to this incredible building, where about 150 people were preparing it for that evening.. With three hours to go nothing was ready, glasses, chairs tables books everything was being put into place. In the gardens, tiles were being put down and a water garden being made. With quiet panache Nick Jones was organising this event, I like a man like that who is confident that everything will be done on time. You know 5 hours later he turned an building site into an incredible party place. A modern library look with light and views stretching for miles east west north and east.. It was a movie play set for the ravishing party people and Dustin Hoffman, who was surrounded by long legged mini skirted hardly human women in expensive shoes. Kelly Osbourne in a structured silver dress with a new blond hair has taken a leaf out of my book and turned herself into Hollywood bomb.. hey girls, if Kelly can do it, we can all do it..People mingling were Loree Rodkin, Zeta Graff, Alek Keshishian, Jonathan Yeo and Madonna.

I went for a delicious lunch with Pilar Boxford at Boa eating Caesar salad, with delicious cheese chips.. only food combinations like this seem to be found here in Los Angeles.
Later Nicky took me to Andreas Gursky's beautiful photographs at The Gagosian Gallery, on North Camden Drive.. They take some time, and preferably with no one there because you have to notice the smaller details.. He is a genius at the hidden.
Although I don't buy photographs these huge magnificent pieces or the earths sea, building sites, countryside deserve the watchers full attention. We then dashed off to Mr Chow at the invitation of Mr Gagosian, thank you and had a great conversation with Nadja Swarovski.

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