Sunday, 14 March 2010


Do you know I am becoming a good driver, I am sure you don't believe it but I am. I actually offered to drive this morning,which surprised me, taking the steering wheel all the way to Venice Beach.. Now for some people that is easy but for me I find it terrifying, and have a form of vertigo which makes me want to go into the back of peoples cars.Don't tell me that is normal because no sane human being admits to such misdemeanors. Anyway I felt in control with the navigator on and ended up at a friend of a friends house on the beach which was designed by Frank Gehry. A huge bunker like space that many would be happy living in overlooking the beach. We talked art and I felt at home as there was a huge sign of Tracey Emin's saying "How wet is my cunt" I am a fan of Tracey's but being a bit less cool than she is, it's not something I would be happy people asking or knowing about. Oh dear another thing about me that I need to modernize. I suppose I like privacy in this area. Anyway the shock value of this word is obvious and I was once beaten by my mother for saying it. Now it has become very everyday and I am ashamed to say slips from my lips on occasion.
I am so loving California that I really don't want to go home. What for some boring builders tales and a flat that costs a fortune and is a forth floor walk up that I rented stupidly from Foxtons?. No I want to live here amidst palm trees and blue skies. I do miss my friends Nicky Haslam and Chris Sweeney I had fun with them last week with Oscar parties and glamour and I would love to repeat it. but am now working on my play with Lyall Watson, "As I like it" which I plan to put on shortly when I go back to London sometime in early Summer. I think I shall put it on at The Gate or another pub. It's about the trials of drama School which I thought was boot camp and how divine my real life is..
as I take the wheel and attempt to drive to the Joshua Tree.
Also I am attempting to become totally healthy this week not just a little.. I will cut salt.. I can't believe I am even going to try.

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Julia Laverne said...

My face was slapped very hard by my terrifying grangmother for saying the C word, and at nearly 51 I still feel her unforgiving fingers on my face when I hear it.
Having been asked every question there is about my undercarriage I have taken the habit of spreading rumours that I am as dry as an old bone. I love Tracey and her Minge sketches but there are limits aren't there, I love your driving, even if it is only fast cars and men mad, Julia Laverne