Friday, 26 March 2010


I was asked to take photographs for scrap book by Franca Sozzani, The Editor of Italian Vogue, in 2002, about 46 artists for a project British Artists at work a book later published by Assouline. This project changed my life. I knew nothing about contemporary art at the time, I was friends with Charles and Kay Saatchi, who were still married. I remember going to Kay's kitchen and being amazed at their pieces. A large painting brightly coloured by Michael Craig Martin on the staircase The sheep by Damien Hirst, The baby, colourful images flash into my brain. It was a very happy time for me. The experience opened up doors for me that working in fashion would never have done. I love fashion but art is everlasting and exciting. I would only ever buy something that I had a crush on. My love for different objects now includes furniture, lights and a wonderful skull. The sensory deprivation skull by Atelier Lieshout, that I bought through Phillips Dupury. I also collect artists like Oriel Harwood and Mark Brazier-Jones. Although the book wasn't about furniture design in a room I include everything. I loved my Dexter Dalwood painting which I lost in my divorce to Johan. It was a black painting of Stalin's war room, I found at the Gagosian Gallery. There are so many beautiful objects on this planet that I love collecting. It is a passion that I shall have until I die. I now have a crush on Paul Evans and Tony Duquette. Pedro Friedeberg designed a hand and I was lucky enough to find on Los Angeles and I cherish it, so altogether collecting has kept me very happy let's hope it proves to be an investment.

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