Saturday, 13 February 2010


Well, things have changed since we've last been in touch. I am staying at the Berns Hotel in Stockholm and had dinner there in the beautiful Asian restaurant- for Gay Night. Now I thought it would be the most romantic place for Valentine's. Tomorrow is Sunday and that brings a sense of duty, which does not match pink flowers and chocolates. So I thought, rather stupidly perhaps, that tonight would be the night. It came as some surprise, then, to have to watch a couple of trannies get changed from rather boring dresses into nylon negligees. And at the same time, one of them was pulling his pants up and down. This is not fake - this is my supposed romantic evening in Sweden with my pet.
I of course had a great day on the archipelago, on a boat with 24 teenage boys from Harrow School and their masters. The good ship 'Stockholm' provided the best entertainment, with delicious fresh food and brilliant views of Ice, grey skies, beautiful countryside and the city. There were six different herring dishes, and cream with pancakes. Where the beautiful people of Sweden are I have no idea. It has become a land of frumps. Everything is still on sale, and Gucci has plenty to offer.
Luckily culture here is not a problem, and with delicious food, good museums and stunning singing, I can look upon gay night with a wry smile... Where have all the young men gone.. da da da da da da da, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

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Susan Erickson said...

Six different herring dishes! That may have been a smidge too much herring for a boat ride.