Thursday, 25 February 2010


One of the most charming of the British Artist's is Mat Collishaw, who in my humble opinion is also one of the most talented. As a huge fan of his, I am unable to view him with anything but rose tinted spectacles. I remember seeing his first works with Detmar Blow and I so wanted a rose that died and became new again. I am still nagging him for it. Apparently there is one in Ireland somewhere, but he never follows up on his sale or nags me to buy. That's what I like about him: he never nags.
Now he has gone and done the most incredible installation at the BFI, and everybody should make the effort to visit. The work is inspired by the rebel Paradjanov who made folklore films instead of socialist propaganda films in the 1970s. Mat knew nothing about him before embarking on this project but realises that his work has similarities. Mat loves the violence of nature. His new piece feels to me like the circle of life: the candles, death, water, th awakening of a life, birds flying, thunderstorms and nature at night behind an altar of windows. Go and be amazed.

On a completely different note, I want to be cool, and I am just not."THE COOL PEOPLE END UP BEING THE SHIT PEOPLE" - so my son Charles says with a knowing look. It changes nothing. I realised today I am seriously uncool, You have to be cold to be cool, you have to be dismissive to be cool, and you have to pretend you don't care. Sensitive blondes who like everybody and want to be liked, while wearing red lipstick and high heels, just don't cut the mustard. That is why I love Mat's work: it awakens real emotions in me and I want to feel green grass under my feet and light a candle in the local church. Anyway I saw Tracey Emin and she totally agreed with me that I wasn't cool, and you know that's pretty cool...

PS. While you are at it, be cool and support the BFI, who do so much to preserve ancient film footage.

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