Monday, 1 February 2010


I had a very productive and pleasant week in Los Angeles. Not only was it bright sunshine but Lyall Watson and I managed to write nearly three quarters of our play, based on my time at drama school and that of a star. I love the idea of old and young movie stars and what goes through their brains. Their lives, their ambitions, their actuality. I mean what does Angelina Jolie look like as she cleans her teeth, or Drew Barrrymore think when she washes up. I like the ordinary combined with the exclusive. So we both had fun although it is terribly irritating to realise that Lyall has managed to lose 13 pounds to my 4 and a half..but then he was very fat.. well in comparison to his svelte gorgeous figure 20 years ago. Now I see more than just a glimpse of how he used to be. All that has to be done now is to find those rings he used to wear, the belt, and the leather jacket with Love and Hate on its back. Oh, and I forgot - where are his sharp pointed cowboy boots with heels? Hopefully his daughters find them for him and demand that he wears them again.
Now I am back in England I realise that I don't know what my reality is. I am living still in the chocolate brown bedroom at 11 Cadogan Gardens, and I immediately want to sleep for a week. I feel lazy, I broke my diet. I want to hide under the brown furry bedspread and never get up again. London is my home town for most of the year, and one thing it offers me is incredible invitations. My friends are loyal, thank goodness. The ones that were not know who they are and were finished with and disposed of last year. And I have my family here, my gorgeous sons, so I am very lucky. But it is my reality and the truth is I have to deal with builders.
Today I was told that the Cadogan Estate want to charge me a huge sum to do up their house. I won't go into the vulgar details of the whole sordid story, but apparently I am not allowed to tart up my house unless I give them this cash. Well, it's a short lease, and they should count themselves lucky to have someone with such refined taste decorating their house, they should be paying me. After all with 100 people on the first floor and a piano, we would have landed in the kitchen, what sort of lease were the previous owners selling me. This is when I want to disappear. Excuse me if I remain hidden inside ..


Scott Fazzini said...

A.E. -As I sit perusing my favorite blog (A Bloomsbury Life) written by my favorite person (L.B.G.), whom I've never met, I was shocked into a frenzied state of attraction. You, dear A.E., are stunningly beautiful, interesting, and witty. I've only know of you for about 15 minutes, so I'm sure after reading more of your blog I'll find at least a dozen more adjectives to describe you and your general fabulousness.



THANK YOU... for your kind comments

Angela said...

Hi Amanda,

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