Monday, 8 February 2010

FOR WOMEN ONLY, please give me a bit of privacy boys.

I know it's not good to mention my age, but I have given up caring. Why should I hide the truth that I am 50 in May? I am having the best time of my life, and maybe I can give hope to anyone outside who is miserable. As I look in the mirror I proudly nod, in a pleased-with-myself sort of way, that in some lights I look 28. At least, that's what some friends say. Now of course they are lying. However, I probably look like I am in the middle to end of my thirties. So it came as huge shock this morning when I went to see my new gynaecologist Mr Leith, who although very charming, said he wanted to recommend me something called Vagifem, containing oestrogen as well as progesterone. Mr Leith looks a nice man, but really do I want this? I feel fine, everything is good and in working order, and so I am confident. 'No' no,' he said as he looked down his nose. 'You need it. The change is happening already.' So off I trotted, determined not to buy it myself but to get my even younger-looking housekeeper to get it for me. She is 55 and definitely looks no older than 30. Sadly, she was not refused the prescription - and now, as I open them, I see they look exactly like Tampax, which I was hoping never to have to face again. Anyway I have no intention of letting go, life has only just begun - though it does get weirder all the time. Did you know that gynies now have female chaperones who sit in on the examination, so that you can't later claim they got fruity and try to sue them?


Deborah said...

Amanda, I love this entry - at 53, I can very much relate to it.

I went into a sort of paralytic shock as my 50th birthday approached, but ever since then, life has been better than ever.

I, too, look pretty good (perhaps even VERY good by candlelight from across the room, or in a dark alley) but it does not stop me from agonizing. I will not resort to cosmetic surgery because I want to grow into a beautiful old lady, not a peculiar-looking person, so I slather on creams and try not to notice that I look a bit tired at the best of times.

I love clothes and have suffered agonies wondering, "Am I too old for this?" but have decided not to worry any more. I'm right this minute wearing a skirt 4 inches above the knee and I staunchly defend my right to do so. My legs are still good so why not? And who cares anyway? I get loads of compliments so I'm doing something right, or else they are having a good laugh. Either way, I'm not bothered.

(BTW, I think those whatzit's you refer to sound downright suspicious if there is no good reason given. I'm also "peri" but am taking nothing for it and as you say, all is in good working order so why? I stared my OBGYN down over some medicine and ended up not needing it, so I was really glad I had refused it.)

Party on.

Jane said...

Well you don't look 50. You probably feel 25, which is how old I feel at 41. That thing you mentioned is confronting as it is unfortunately and Unavoidable Symbol of Age, and wouldn't it be nice to postpone it.

And I agree with Deborah. If no good reason given, then don't take it.


Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Every time I read your blog a smile glides across my face. The same face that has, in fact, done nothing but grimace all day with my mother warning me I'll get wrinkles if I don't stop. Now I know how to keep the wrinkles at bay. So happy a dose of your delicious view of the word is only a click away. XOXO