Thursday, 18 February 2010

Chapter 2 Issy Blow

I was writing and taking photographs for a book on British Artists, their lives, their work etc. It was suggested and arranged by Franca Sozzani, Editor of Italian Vogue . British Artists At Work, was an art work itself covered with perspex. I showed it to Issy and she wanted to have an article written and to make me into Marilyn Monroe with photographs by Tim and Sue for The Tatler, where she worked. I arrived at the Artist Studio in the East End and given the appropriate dress white and a cape.. I loved the curly hair and knife pleated dress. Anyway she took me outside with Sue and put me against some graffiti, a big prick. Issy thought this was terribly funny, I did not.. I tried to get away from it, anything but be photographed with it. Of course I got into a huge amount of trouble. My husband went mad and rang up Geordie Greig and complained. I think she thought I was cooler than I was, I do not drink, I hate drugs, and I have humour, but hate mockery. I don't like to be compromised. I suppose I was always a little bit frightened of what she would encourage someone to do next. I felt always nervous that somehow I was just a little bit ordinary next to this exotic creature. Issy of course took no notice, laughed everything off and continued to blow dry her hair. However I was encouraged to remain friends with her, after all Rupert had said that we were twins. At this point I was trying to see in what areas we matched.
We would spend time together for next few Summers. She was always curious about whether or not I had plastic surgery. I was at the time going out with Dr Sebagh. She would hunt for scars, war wounds and ask me all sorts of tricky questions, usually in front of every body else "have you had the knife again Amanda?"" You look too young". Issy told everybody that I was a St Trinian's girl, my Grandfather had made the films along with Frank Launder, She also thought I was some crazy sexual creature who could lure any man away, she would tell me I had perfectly formed bosoms and hitch them into any clothing she wanted me to try on, she would say this all of the time. Laughing as she spoke. The Summer with Bob Carlos Clarke, went well they matched perfectly. The children dressed up as Detmar and Issy and made a film, edited by Scarlett Carlos Clarke, Bob's daughter, and Bob himself. I can't remember if Detmar was there, he must have been, I suppose he had his head hidden in a book somewhere. He was always bewildered, not truly understanding what was going on. She laughed for hours, in a naughty way sneaking up to check what was going on in the bedrooms of Tim and Sue. she was inquisitive, and could play with children, dressing them up, telling them glamorous stories. Issy was the children's favourite. They loved her dresses, the fact that they could stand up on their own, that they were white on the outside, and totally dirty inside. Loved trashed and worn. There was little talk of suicide, just depression. We all had a lovely month. I must have been a bit chippy at the time, I was separating from my husband.. and I had forgotten about the transformation into Marilyn, Issy did to me, in fact I don't think I noticed, all I remember is my other good and talented friend Rushka Bergman doing this to me later on.. As I write this I have no idea what year it is, dates and sequence of events have become jumbled up.. I was in awe of Issy, she was slightly older, having a very glamourous time with people like Philip and Alexander, with mentions of Valentino, Pugh, Naomi, Fergie all in the same breath. With a fabulously decadent family history and a witty vocabulary, Isabella Delves Broughton now Blow, was the height of fashion

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