Friday, 1 January 2010


As it's the first day of the new year, I am wondering why do so many of us want to get pleasure from lying around, doing next to nothing, but the truth is it's delightful sitting by a fire, gossiping, laughing, and not having to think about much. This is what Christmas and the New Year seem to be about, getting together with lovely friends and feeling close for a few days. The only problem is now the scales will have to be removed from the cupboard. Diet time is here again, will it ever end?. I was thinking that perhaps we should be rationed again as I look through my cupboards. If global warming is truly happening, then why don't the people in power check the food intake at Christmas?. Isn't it excessive? The horrific number of empty plastic bottles, turkey carcasses thrown away, wrappers, ribbon, boxes, presents not wanted, travel and electricity . What would we all do with no petrol? The sales are also upon us, rows and rows of clothes and discounted goodies. I have NLP'd myself and attached all shopping to baby poo in order to revolt myself. Please therefore forgive the gloom, I just don't need anything new ever again. On another note, I drove along the beautiful coast in Malibu today listening to Mozart with the roof down and realized how lucky I am. Beautiful weather on the 1st January is a luxurious rarity. Last night was spent at Cecconi's in Melrose with Julie Anne Rhodes, Tim Willis, and Michel and Ayako Comte. The food was delicious, we ate lobster and afterwards celebrated the New Year at my house with my son Charles playing the piano.
My New Year's Resolutions are
1. No shopping for clothes unless it's a total necessity.
2. No loop holes.
3. Lose 5 pounds that I was meant to lose last year.
4. Be sweet and lovely to all the people I wish to eradicate.
5. Hopefully my previous driver will not be back with his chauffeur hat on.
6. Put on my play.
7. Finish my neon lights.
8. Actually finish a book, and put away my computer.
9. Accept my birthday and relish it.
10. Be able to wear my clothes that are twenty years old.
11. Do exercise at least three times a week.
12. Enjoy solicitors' letters and bank statements
13. Help a granny before I am one.


Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Insanely jealous I missed Charlie playing at yours after! Lots of love for 2010, and I hope I am not one you wish eradicate!

Bonnie said...

Hi Amanda,
Happy New Year! It sounds like yours is off to a wonderful start... your list of resolutions is inspiring too! The drive to Malibu listening to music sounds so serene. Malibu is where I grew up... it is beautiful isn't it? There is so much to be thankful for all around us every day!

premierludwig said...

We're almost a week into the new year so it's time to start considering the "get out clauses" for the Resolutions. These are only to be emplyed because you are now a few days wiser and have seen the light in a very "new year, new start" sort of a way.

Here's a few to help:

1) clothes are always a necessity. They cheer you up and stop you from being arrested when out in public.
3) eat more cake in the name of "curve maintenance" because the perfect figure is Marilyn Monroe shaped.
8) If you finish a good book you'll loose the joy of discovering new passages in it. If you put the computer away you'll just loose valuable time and energy getting it out again.
9) Birthdays are all about you. If your choice is to be decadently grumpy then go for it big style and add a bit of theatrics to make it even more memorable and self-indulgent.
10. Just wait another decade and the clothes will be a) vintage and b) back in fashion.
12) the only joy to get from a bank statement is knowing you're wealthy enough not to even have to open it in the first place.

Happy New Year and thanks for blogging. It's a pleasure to read.