Friday, 15 January 2010


The party of Love and Peace is entering British Politics, here to help youth think twice. So just as you are about to throw your gum out of the window or stamp it into the pavement think again. Tobias Moss is going to run for Kensington and Chelsea, and will awaken your consciousness. Tobias has run Karma Kars for ten years now and is going to show us the real way to live our lives, with harmony and gratitude. Well, give him a chance. I was in a taxi today, and overheard a politician say on the radio that we had got ourselves into this mess and now we had to get ourselves out of it. What utter rubbish. How many people in England would actually volunteer to turn up at Hyde Park Corner and fight against Afghanistan and Iraq? How many people would really have advised our banks to invest in America's shitty mortgages? And how many people actually would turn up and say it is okay that, because of this, the bankers should keep their bonuses? Come on, Tobias could do a better job, so give him a chance. Meanwhile, the petty cash should be left to a shrewd woman's pocket. EG The Queen's.

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