Saturday, 30 January 2010


Everybody these days seems to ring me about weight like I am some counsellor which I am not. I am just a lover of trying to stay the same weight all my life. My Uncle used to gently help me when I was a child, and in my life I have managed to stay roughly the same. It is a nightmare, but much better than sitting on my fat behind, worrying where my life went to.. So here is my recipe.. for what its worth..
First of all try to look at yourself objectively
calm down, that is the best way, plus if you are going through the change menopause you had better go and visit a Doctor. So if you are well try the high protein diet. it works and is good if you have a lot of weight to lose. I used to use Dr Fine in Harley Street, I love this man as I have lost so much weight over the years with him, that he is my friend for life. It allows you to eat the following, eggs and bacon for breakfast, a steak for lunch and fish in the evening. Try cutting out the fat and salt. I find this very difficult. However, if I cut out salt I want to eat half as much. I realise I am a salt addict. Also mixed with oranges you do lose weight very quickly.
Weight watchers, which is the healthy option. means you are weighed each week and you have a circle of pals to do it with. For me the weighing of every item of food is a nightmare, and because you are allowed a wide variety of foods, I never stick to it, but my mother loved it and used to use it.
The one I use now, is just about vegetables and nuts it is hard. You have fresh apple and ginger in the morning, then at 11am nuts and half a papaya, at lunch salad no dressing, and some other vegetables which are steamed. In the afternoon say some apple puree, and at night a vegetable soup it could be leaks, spinach, tomato or cauliflower. No dressing and no salt. This is healthy. However, To lose 70 pounds if you are a woman may take a year, as we tend to not be able to do it all the time.
Obesity is now a serious issue as we know for children, and I for one was a fat child. It was not fun. It is difficult to be good at sports, or evan to sit and concentrate. Plus you are often left out.
Remember men lose weight very quickly, I have just dieted for a week with a man and another woman, he has lost ten pounds to our four. It was fun to do it with him though. He had great humour.
What is your financial situation, choose the one that suits that too, the vegetable one has just cost 165 dollars/120 pounds per person, all the food was bought at Whole foods so it is not cheap.
Remember no liquid should ever be taken with food, people make a big mistake as it makes the food expand and not digest correctly. .
Do gentle exercise, because to do aggressive prolonged exercise, you have to be very fit. Work it up so that you feel fitter and healthier. I don't like weights because they make me look bulky, but if you are skinny they could help. Remember to stretch, evan if we are big fatsos we can stretch, and sit up straight. Hunching over your food or work, shows your age and makes you look older. This costs nothing.
I personally could be very lazy, but I make myself do Pilates or Yoga, throwing a bit of Tango in to make it interesting. Try to keep it fun take up new things to take your mind off food. Evan Farmville, or reading a book, remember we used to read a book a night, well I did anyway. Learn an instrument, or a language. We can all change.
If you have an eating disorder, go and seek help, admitting it to yourself, feels a whole lot better than lying. Go to overeaters anonymous. I sometimes come under this category. Listen to your body. If you are upset, don't go to the fridge, better to do Petville or paint. I read in a magazine years ago to eat your addiction in a hot bath you can't look at it ever again. I did this, it worked. You won't find me eating chocolate.
Don't stay a fat statistic, it makes you feel depressed, jealous, a misery guts, and remember how you used to be skinny and run around...I know, have been there done that.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Mixed with oranges? Who knew!

pve design said...

Excellent. My Mother has always advised "everything in moderation" but for some that does not always work. I think we can all eat far less and get along just fine. If you look at the portions 50 years ago, they were much smaller. I love food and love maintaining a svelte figure. Great advice, from one who is always asked. Now show me the chubby kid photo!
I think you are gorgeous inside and out.

Susan Erickson said...

lots of great tips here...I just made a cabbage salt ..just miso at the end. Is miso considered salt?

Debra said...

All of this- very sage advice. You have given me some food for thought here. I eat no meat and enjoy clean food. I really think sometimes it's as simple as refocusing...away from food. We celebrate-with food, we mourn-with food...on and on. I am ever so happy that I found you via Lisa's blog!