Monday, 11 January 2010


Valentine's Day is round the corner, and it's time to find true love and to also hang on to what love we still have in our lives. I think I shall help all my single pals this year find lovers. I am fed up with hearing that there are so few decent men around. I do think, though, that we women may have become a harping, unattractive bunch. Nagging was the norm when I was young. I was nagged to get up, nagged to help, nagged to take a walk, nagged to feed my pony and muck him out, nagged until my brain was filled with demands that I certainly wasn't able to fulfill, so I in turn have nagged men. I don't like doing it, but men eventually seem to respect and need it. The trouble is, nagging is certainly no good for sex, so men tend to find new pastures, with easy flesh and foliage. We are all replaceable. Still, let's think hearts and roses, and pray that we all have something to celebrate -because an unloved face shows. In the interests of research, I have tried my hand at all the dating sites in the last few weeks -,, - and had a lot of fun. But let's be creative with how we approach our new men: you can send them a JibJab video or card, you can send them a LOVE lifebelt from Damien Hirst to woo them, or you can write some poetry. Think pink. It will all go well, just watch it.

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