Tuesday, 26 January 2010


My third day of the detox is half way through and although I am not brilliant as I always manage to sneak in the odd extra banana, I am noticing I miss salt. Probably the worst thing for you, but I am in love with it.. I should be skinny without it as I hate everything I eat. I jumped out of bed..weighed myself and to my utter delight have lost 2 pounds. My friend has lost 6 pounds, but then maybe they had six pounds to lose.That is what I am telling myself. Of course when my computer didn't work this morning I could feel I was angry.
Had to get out, as it's a sort of gloomy day, the sort you remember all the people who don't love you anymore. Listening to certain music sets me off. So I took the trip to Sasha Newley's show at 8955 Beverly Boulevard which actually I loved. A story unfolds. Of course it could be strange in some people's mind. He is not on the same path as some of other painters around, but then their Mother wasn't Joan Collins and their Father, Anthony Newley. For example Dexter Dalwood who opened this week end at the Tate in the South of England is much more in line with what is cool. Thank goodness there are lots of different people in the world, and some who don't want to be controlled by a Gagosian or Saatchi wing, however pleasant. I suppose everybody would like his portraiture, but I like kitch and for me Beauty and the Beast would win overall. Apart from this Sasha is totally charming, and there is never a dull moment. As I was leaving the great Dynasty clothes designer walked in Nolan Miller with his director of Public Relations Rene Horsch. Nolan was the creator of the wide shoulder glamour look, and should never be forgotten. Anyway so much fun, there they were saying he still makes lots of Joan's costumes.
Came back in time for my salad, and some musrooms with spinach. Wow tomorrow I had better lose another pound.

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