Friday, 29 January 2010


The female figure still causes spasms of delight from men, they can become so stupid when seeing a perfect figure or one that they find attractive, let alone one that allows them total pleasure without commitment. After many years the Pirelli Calendar girls can still make a man gasp with pleasure, the smooth skin, the beautiful breasts. I become envious. I would like to become every mans dream. This year Terry Richardson has done natural beautiful photographs, my favourite is a girl cuddling a hen. A very sexy picture. I have always been a fan of the nude, taking photographs myself, loving photographers Ellen Von Unwerth and Bob Carlos Clarke. The good thing is that this Calendar has become a collectors item, hanging in garages to boardrooms it has now become interesting to Museums. Terry interests me because he uses no assistants preferring to shoot in the moment, me too, can't bare the wait, make up and hair take so long that the model looks dead at the end of it, so much better to be quick.

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